Bomb Squad

BombSquadThe Bomb Squad has a full-sized response vehicle capable of fielding the entire squad with all available equipment. This includes the new REMOTEC ANDROS F-6A robotics platform and accessories.

The REMOTEC ANDROS F-6A is a multi-function robotics platform designed to keep bomb technicians out of harm’s way by remotely accessing and dealing with potentially dangerous items.  The robot can go on all sorts of terrain, manipulate objects with its robotic arm, and can sample potentially contaminated areas.

Much of the equipment we use in explosive ordinance disposal operations has been upgraded to increase the range and capabilities of the bomb technicians which include:
  • upgraded environmental monitoring
  • equipment access
  • equipment deployment

Technological improvements in x-ray processing and remote operations has improved the capabilities and speed with identifying explosive hazards.

Members of the bomb squad are:
  • Graduates of the FBI Hazardous Devices School
  • Certified Hazardous Materials Technicians
  • Trained in weapons of mass destruction
  • Trained in advanced explosive disposal operations and threat mitigation from various federal agencies
  • Part of Iowa’s Bomb Squad Task Force program