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Homeland Security Section

The Homeland Security Section's mission is to protect the lives of Des Moines residents and visitors, as well as their property from natural or man-made disasters. This is accomplished through a multi-layered process that includes:
  • Information Analysis and Information Sharing
  • Preparedness and Response
  • Prevention and Protection
Homeland Security Section Units
  • Bomb Squad
  • Metro Special Tactics and Response (S.T.A.R)
Homeland Security Section Staffing
  • Staffing is made up of officers from the Des Moines Police Department and Deputies from the Polk County Sheriff's Office.
  • The officers and deputies are either assigned to the Section on a full-time basis as their sole responsibility or they have full-time assignments in other areas, but respond as part of the Homeland Security Section during emergencies. 
  • Bringing together all the units under one section to provide a comprehensive approach to incident management from prevention and detection to response and recovery.
Homeland Security Section Additional Responsibilities
  • They train and respond with the Des Moines Fire Department Hazardous Materials Team and the Iowa National Guard's 71st Civil Support Team. 
  • They respond to calls from surrounding agencies for a variety of bomb, tactical, planning and training services.
  • They have agreements with
    • Metropolitan Advisory Council
    • Iowa Homeland Security
    • Emergency Management Division, and
    • The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).