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School Resource Officer Unit

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The School Resource Officer (SRO) Unit has a goal to create and maintain a safe, secure, and orderly learning environment.  The officers represent a proactive strategy designed to deal with early intervention and crime prevention. 

Below is a list of the current School Resource Officers.


Name Location Address Email Phone
Sergeant Robert Clark Patrol Bureau Headquarters 25 East 1st Street (515)-237-1557
SPO Jared Underwood Roosevelt High School 4419 Center (515)-242-7337
SPO Ben McCarthy East High School 815 East 13th Street (515)-242-7708
SPO Timothy Fricke Hoover High School 4800 Aurora (515)-242-7328
SPO Jason Sims North High School 501 Holcomb (515)-242-7224
SPO Dusty Chapline Lincoln High School 2600 S.W. 9th (515)-242-7538
SPO Marco Finley Scavo/Central Campus 1800 Grand Avenue (515)-242-7863
SPO Mike Moody Weeks & McCombs Middle Schools Varied
SPO Mike Grasso Brody & Merrill Middle Schools Varied
SPO Lindsay Kenkel Callanan & Hiatt Middle Schools Varied
SPO Mandy Weltz Goodrell, Hoyt, & Harding Middle Schools Varied