Traffic Section

TrafficTraffic Operations include the following functions:

Traffic Operations

Traffic Complaint Hotline (515) 323-8375
  • Our traffic complaint hotline number is 515-323-8375
  • The Des Moines Police Department has created a hotline to receive your traffic complaints.
  • You can call the hotline and leave a voice mail message regarding your complaint.  The hotline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • The complaint is assigned to a traffic investigator for follow-up.
  • If you would like an investigator to call you regarding your complaint:
    • You must provide your name and phone number in the voice mail message.
    • An investigator will call you within three to five days to let you know the complaint has been received.
  • You will receive feedback from the investigator in approximately 14 days.
Speed and Traffic Enforcement
The Traffic Unit’s primary responsibility is the enforcement speeding and other traffic regulations. Officer’s use Doppler and Laser radar to enforcement efforts at the busier locations or known problems to make the streets safer.
Accident Investigation
Officers within the Traffic Unit possess varying skill levels of accident investigation. They investigate fatal and serious injury accidents and are trained in reconstruction.
Hit and Run Investigation
The Unit has several investigators to follow up on hit and run accidents. This follow-up includes:
  • interviewing witnesses and people involved in the accident
  • reviewing surveillance cameras of where accidents may have occurred
  • examining the physical evidence left at the scene of the accident
OWI/Drug Recognition Testing
All traffic officers are certified to detect and apprehend drivers under the influence of alcohol. The Unit also has several officers additionally trained and certified as Drug Recognition Experts, skilled in identifying drivers under the influence of drugs or narcotics.
Special Events and Parades
The Traffic Unit has an Officer assigned to be responsible for coordinating all Special Events occurring within the City of Des Moines. The nature of the events varies from
  • Drake Relays
  • State Fair activities
  • Parades and fun runs
  • Presidential and dignitary visitations warranting special escorts and security
Parking Enforcement
  • The Parking Enforcement Unit consists of a sergeant, one officer, two cadets and five civilian parking enforcement personnel. This squad is responsible for the following:
    • All parking meter enforcement
    • Parking Regulation/Zone enforcement
    • Enforcement of all City Parking Permits
    • Assist with Traffic Control, as needed, for special events
    • Target habitual parking violators
    • Interact with neighborhood associations to target abandoned vehicles within their neighborhood and any other chronic parking problem
  • The squad is an asset in relieving patrol officers from responding to parking enforcement calls. 
  • You can pay your fine online If you have received a parking ticket.
  • You may appeal a parking ticket by filling out a Parking Ticket Appeal Form.