Street Tree Program

Trees provide many benefits to Des Moines residents, from stormwater retention and savings on energy bills to neighborhood beautification. Are you interested in getting a tree planted in the city right-of-way in front of your house?
Here are your options: 

Street tree plantingSelf-Planted Trees
We’ll drop off the supplies (tree, water bucket, mulch) along with planting instructions. You’ll also receive weekly reminders by email or text to water your tree. If you don’t want to wait, this is your fastest option to receive a new tree.

Note: City-provided trees can ONLY be planted in the City-owned right of way, NOT on private property. 

Submit a tree request

Plant Your Own Tree
Have you purchased or are willing to purchase a city-approved tree species that you’d like to plant in the City-owned right-of-way in front of your house? You can apply for a no-cost permit to get the easy go-ahead from the City and watch your tree grow.


Transform Your Block
Recruit neighbors to request trees as well! Reaching 20 trees on a street or in a concentrated neighborhood area helps the City and its planting partner efficiently plant and take care of trees. The City and its planting partner will work to organize a planting day where you and others will be able to volunteer. The new trees planted in your neighborhood will receive dedicated care in their first two years of growth from Trees Forever. Contact the City’s planting partner, Trees Forever, at to find out more about how you can transform your block.

Thank you for your help in increasing the urban forest canopy in Des Moines! 

Looking for the Tiny Trees program? Try here.