Urban Forest Master Plan CHAPTERS

Like assembling pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, it is necessary to join many ideas, goals and methods to build a sustainable urban tree canopy. Trees, people and funding are all considered when ‘Connecting the Dots’ between trees and the many benefits they provide to residents of Des Moines. Individual chapters may be viewed here.

Before reading the detailed chapters below, would you like to read the SUMMARY first?

In 2013 the City of Des Moines prepared, with the help of Real World Externships for Teachers of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM,) an early version of what the Master Plan would look like. PRELUDE

  1. Introduction
  2. Stormwater
  3. Climate Change
  4. Green Infrastructure
  5. Riparian Areas
  6. Street Trees
  7. Wildlife
  8. Bee Pollinators
  9. Resiliency
  10. Big Trees
  11. Insects, Disease, and Invasive Plants
  12. A.  2020 Sustainability Report Card
    B.  Sustainability Report Card Chart
  13. Large Landowners
  14. Regional Cooperation and Trees
  15. Urban Wood and Trees
  16. Volunteerism, Nonprofits and Trees
  17. Recommended Species for the City
  18. Tree Management Plan
  19. A.  Resident Survey
    B.  Resident Survey Results
  20. Environmental Justice (Equity) and Trees
  21. Urban Heat Island and Trees
  22. Residential Energy Use and Trees
  23. Societal Effects of Trees
  24. History of Trees in Des Moines
  25. Blueprint for Success