Thanks for traveling to the Street Maintenance Division's corner of this website. We hope you come away understanding more about how we work to keep Des Moines streets in good condition for driving. From snow removal through street improvement season, essentially, our job is to keep Des Moines moving, all year long

The Street Maintenance Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for keeping all City streets and alleys in good repair and drivable condition.  With the goal of preserving street surfaces to avoid more costly reconstruction, the Street Maintenance Division uses a variety of techniques to extend the life of Des Moines' 913 miles of roadways. This involves everything from winter snow removal to pothole patching in the spring and summer, street cleaning in the fall and resurfacing during construction season.

Our Goal
Consistently meet customer expectations of safe and passable roadways through innovative Public Works Services. 

Contact us at 515- 283-4950.
Street Maintenance Division

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