Snow Removal

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There are no snow-related parking restrictions at this time.
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The Department of Public Works is dedicated to providing residents with professional snow removal services. It takes hundreds of Public Works, Parks and Recreation and WRA employees and a partnership with Des Moines' residents to operate the 100 pieces of equipment that are necessary to clear our streets effectively. We really couldn't do it without you.

As a general rule, while snow is still falling, plow trucks are working on designated main snow routes that are designed so that no one is ever more than four blocks from a snow route. Once the snow stops, the plow trucks transition into plowing all of the residential roads that do not fall into the snow route system. Parking restrictions are not actively enforced in neighborhoods until snowfall stops and an issued residential snow ordinance goes into effect. However, residents are encouraged not to park on residential streets during snowfall when possible.

A partnership between residents and the City is critical to achieve improved services.  The City has invested in larger, more efficient snow removal equipment that will clear most residential street with just 2 passes.

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