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Snow Removal

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The Department of Public Works provides residents with professional snow removal. A partnership between residents and the City is critical to achieve improved services.  The City has invested in larger, more efficient snow removal equipment that will clear most residential street with just 2 passes.

Vehicles Off Street During Snow Removal
All residents are required to move their vehicles off the street during snow removal operations.  Click here to access the Snow and Ice Control Policy.

According to Chapter 114 of the Municipal Code, “No parking will be allowed on residential streets during snow removal operations.” Vehicles parked on the street will receive a $35 fine and may be subject to towing. Tickets can be appealed using the Parking Ticket Appeal process.
Moving vehicles off the street has many benefits:
  • Plow time is reduced by almost 33%. 
  • Clearing streets curb to curb results in better quality snow removal with less rework. 
  • Plowing is conducted in a timely manner. Indeed, delayed plowing generates an increase of the amount of snow and ice compacted by the traffic, which could require the application of salt at an additional cost to allow melting.
Snow Removal Street Categories
For snow removal purposes, the streets are grouped in 6 (six) different categories:

About Odd/Even Parking
For neighborhoods with limited amounts of off-street parking, the City Council has established a concept known as Odd/Even Side Snow Parking zones. Related signage is posted for five neighborhoods (Carpenter, Drake, Drake Park, River Bend, Sherman Hill). On odd dates, parking in those zones is only authorized on the side of the street where houses have odd numbers. On even dates, parking is only authorized on the even side of the streets.

The Public Works Director decides when to start enforcing our Citywide and Odd/Even Plowing restrictions. The Director’s decision is based on total accumulation, prevailing conditions and near future forecasts.

Additional Snow Removal Activities
  • Emergency Response
  • Sidewalk Snow Removal  - According to Section 102-124 of the Des Moines Municipal Code, abutting property owners shall remove snow and ice from sidewalks within 48 hours following the end of snow fall.