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Sanitary Sewers

What is a Sanitary Sewer?
A sanitary sewer is a type of underground system that carries sewage from houses or industries to sewage treatment facilities.

Ideally sanitary sewer systems are operated separately from stormwater systems but when sewers carry both sewage and stormwater together they are called combined sewers.

Sewers are usually pipelines that begin with connecting pipes from buildings to one or more levels of larger underground trunk mains, which transport the sewage to sewage treatments facilities. Vertical pipes, called manholes, connect the mains to the surface. The manholes are used for access to the sewer pipes for inspection and maintenance. They also facilitate vertical and horizontal angles in otherwise straight pipelines. Sewers are generally gravity powered, though pumps may be used if necessary.

Private Property Protection Program
The City of Des Moines offers residents who have contracted with a licensed plumber, and paid for eligible costs, for the redirection of one or more eligible sources of infiltration and inflow to an outlet other than the sanitary sewer system or to install a backwater valve on the private sewer service to protect against surcharges on the public sewer system. With the  Private Property Protection Program, the City will reimburse 100% of the cost, up to $1,500, to property owners who meet the requirements. 

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