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City Council Proclamations


Proclamation Request Guidelines:
  • All requests shall be submitted via this web form.
  • Requests shall be made to the City 30 days in advance of the date needed. 
  • Please include draft language that can be edited or revised by the City.
  • Proclamations shall hold citywide significance. 
  • Issuance of a proclamation does not constitute an endorsement by the City.
  • Proclamations are reviewed by the City on a case-by-case basis and we reserve the right to decline any request received.
  • Indicate whether or not you would like a formal City Council Reading and a member of our office will be in contact with you.
  • We generally avoid anything commercial, promotional, or for-profit.

04/19/21 Arbor Day Proclamation
04/19/21 Dia Del Nino Dia Del Libro Day Proclamation
04/13/21 COVID-19 State of Emergency (Amended) Proclamation
02/22/21 COVID-19 State of Emergency (Amended) Proclamation
02/22/21 Black History Month Proclamation
01/11/21 Cervical Cancer Awareness Month Proclamation
12/21/20 National Homeless Persons Memorial Day Proclamation
12/14/20 COVID-19 State of Emergency (Amended) Proclamation
12/07/20 Dart Electric Bus Day Proclamation
10/11/20 National Coming Out Day Proclamation
10/05/20 Energy Efficiency Day Proclamation
10/05/20 Fire Prevention Week Proclamation
10/05/20 Hispanic Heritage Month Proclamation
09/14/20 Welcoming Week Proclamation
08/26/20 COVID-19 State of Emergency (Amended) Proclamation
07/31/20 COVID-19 State of Emergency (Amended) Proclamation
06/22/20 LGBTQ+ Pride Month Proclamation
06/22/20 Back from the Brink - The Call to Prevent Nuclear War Day Proclamation
06/05/20 COVID-19 Reopening (Phase 1) Proclamation
05/18/20 AAPI Day Against Bullying and Hate Proclamation
05/18/20 National Public Works Week Proclamation
03/16/20 COVID-19 State of Emergency (Amended) Proclamation
03/15/20 COVID-19 State of Emergency Proclamation
02/24/20 19th Amendment Centennial Commemoration Photo Proclamation
02/10/20 Black History Month Photo Proclamation
02/10/20 Arts in Education Day Photo Proclamation
01/27/20 Human Trafficking Prevention and Awareness Month Photo Proclamation
01/27/20 Drake Bulldogs Photo Proclamation