Food Equity and Education for Des Moines

Interested in growing your own food or starting a locally grown food small business? Here you’ll find an ever-evolving set of resources for Des Moines residents who want to increase food security for themselves and their neighbors.

The Des Moines Food Security Task Force was formed in response to increasing disruptions in our food supply and systems from climate chaos and, more recently, the Coronavirus pandemic. For the first phase of our efforts, we're focusing on urban agriculture and local food production to help individuals raise food. Please reach out to the Food Security Task Force to share what information and resources you think residents would find helpful.

We've organized information and resources into the topics below. Click through to learn how you can get started.  Learn how to to grow food, what’s available and allowed in Des Moines, and where you can find additional guidance and support.


Structures, Tools, & Resources

How to find tools, supplies, and irrigation

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Land Access & Soil Quality

How to find land and improve soil quality

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Raising Animals

How to raise animals for food, fertilizer, and pollination

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Planting a vegetable

Growing Fruits & Vegetables

How to care for your crops and grow food

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Foraging a mushroom

Foraging, Fishing, & Hunting

How to find wild food in an urban environment

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About the Task Force

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