Below are a few of our initiatives:

Benchmarking DSM 
In an effort to create a more energy-aware community and reduce energy waste, the Des Moines City Council on June 3, 2019 passed the Energy and Water Benchmarking Ordinance requiring owners of buildings 25,000 sq. ft or larger to benchmark their energy and water usage. 


As part of the City’s Strategic Plan – GuideDSM several goals were established: 

  • Establish a Citizen’s Taskforce on Sustainability 
  • Identified a need for a sustainability plan
  • Walkability Study (Connect Downtown)
  • Evaluation on our aging housing stock and a revitalization plan (underway)
  • Implement the City’s complete streets policy (East Grant Avenue Pilot Project)
  • Be a 5 STAR Community

Home Base Iowa
The City of Des Moines is proud to announce its partnership with Home Base Iowa to become a Home Base Iowa Community! Home Base Iowa (HBI) is a statewide program designed to assist veterans transitioning back into civilian life!

City Energy Project
The City Energy Project is a national initiative to create healthier and more prosperous American cities by improving the energy efficiency of buildings.

Energize Des Moines
Energize Des Moines was a voluntary program to reduce energy use (electric, gas, and water) in Des Moines’ largest buildings (above 25,000 square feet). It was in place from 2016-2018.

Food Security — FEED DSM
FEED DSM (Food Equity and Education in Des Moines) is a collection of learning resources, best practices and opportunities, current regulations and FAQs regarding urban agriculture and growing food locally. These resources were compiled by the Des Moines Food Security Task Force in 2021.