Apply to Serve on a City Board

Appointments are made to boards and commissions every month as terms expire or as vacancies occur. It’s difficult to predict when there will be openings, as many terms are staggered and other vacancies occur on a periodic basis. As openings occur on boards and commissions, we feel fortunate to be able to draw upon the expertise and dedication of our citizens. Please be assured that your application will be considered and will remain on file for three years.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at (515) 283-4209 or
Thank you for your interest in the City of Des Moines.
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Most board seats have no special requirement other than being a citizen of Des Moines. However, some seats require special criteria for members. - Please check all that apply:

Citizen of Des Moines   18 years of age or older (required for all members of the Library Board of Trustees) 
Active A,B,C or D Mechanical Contractor, with Des Moines License    Architect 
Architect, with significant restoration experience    Attorney 
Contractor with construction/remodeling experience    Demonstrated interest and experience in historical renovation, restoration or preservation 
Demonstrated interest in residential neighborhoods    Developer or real estate broker 
Electrical Engineer    Experience in Real Estate or Real Estate Financing 
Fire science, fire protection, or industrial safety    General Contractor-Commercial 
General Contractor-Residential     Historian 
Hold 1st class engineering license in Des Moines    Journeyman Plumber 
Landscape Architect    Licensed Realtor 
Master Electrical Contractor    Master Plumber 
Mechanical Engineer    Member of the Des Moines Skywalk Association 
Own/employed by disabled service provider    Owner/operator of a business on the skywalk corridor 
Person with disability    Registered Structural or Construction Engineer 
Reside in an area of the City generally acknowledged to experience odor problems    Reside in the Owls Head, Sherman Hill Historic, or Riverbend District in Des Moines 
Represents interest of Business, Non-Profit and Education community    Represents interest of low income residents 



Please Read Carefully
I hereby certify that this application is complete to the best of my knowledge and all information given is true and contains no misrepresentations.


 No person shall be appointed or reappointed to any board or commission where there is evidence satisfactory to the Council that the person has engaged in any of the following behaviors during the term for which the person served or in the immediately preceding five-year period to any term for which the person is being considered for appointment:

(1)        Failed to pay any local, state or federal tax or other similar financial obligation to such governmental entities when due and such amount continues unpaid, in whole or in part;

(2)        Failed to abide by all federal, state, and local laws applicable to the appointment in any manner;

(3)        Misrepresented or falsified any information or omitted material information on any communication with the city, including without limitation falsifying or deliberately misrepresenting or omitting material information regarding the person’s professional qualifications, criminal history, degrees, or employment history when submitting the board and commission application;

(4)        Falsified or deliberately misrepresented or omitted material information regarding any information submitted to the city, federal, state, or other governmental agencies.

(5)        Failed to account properly for funds that were entrusted to the person or otherwise converted public property or funds to the personal use of the person.

(6)        Engaged in any other unprofessional or unethical conduct.

  I have read, understand and am in compliance with the above listed requirements per Des Moines Municipal Code Section 2-1046 regarding qualifications of board members.


In accordance with the Iowa Code, Title XIII Commerce, Chapter 554D, Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, 554D.108, my typed signature below serves as my legal written signature for this electronic Application.

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