City Council Invests in Electric Vehicles

DES MOINES, IOWA — Tuesday, August 20, 2019 — Electric vehicles are coming to the City of Des Moines. City Council members last night approved a lease purchase agreement of four 2020 Nissan LEAF® hatchback electric cars. While the City has several hybrid vehicles in the fleet, these would be the first 100 percent electric vehicles.

I’m excited about this step. I think it’s another example of the City taking a positive step towards a comprehensive climate action plan. If we are ahead of the curve on this, it’s going to represent an opportunity for significant savings in our operations.

Josh Mandelbaum, City Council Member, Ward III

Another four electric vehicles could be added to the fleet in early 2020. These initial cars will support the Community Development Department in the Neighborhood Inspections Division. Cost of the lease, not to exceed $120, 000, is slightly higher than buying a conventional vehicle but less routine maintenance defrays some of those costs.

Watch the discussion during the Monday, August 19 City Council meeting: