2018 Resident Satisfaction Survey Results

81% of residents agree Des Moines is a good place to live.The 2018 Satisfaction Survey results are in. Residents continue to be satisfied with the overall quality of services and quality of life in Des Moines. Des Moines is setting the bar for other similar-sized cities in 28 of 40 national benchmarking categories including:

  • Quality of City Libraries (88%)
  • Quality of fire protection (86%)
  • Number and locations of City Parks (85%)
  • Garbage Collection (85%)
  • Overall feeling of Safety (74%)

“I’m very pleased with the results of this survey. It’s encouraging to see the work of our dedicated staff receive such high marks from the community,” said City Manager Scott Sanders. “I am confident that our service levels will continue to improve in line with our resident’s expectations.”

Many of the internal categories that have been measured for the last several years have seen long-term increases in satisfaction over the last five years. These include customer service, services offered through the Neighborhood Based Service Delivery program, and access to information in alternative languages and formats.

While Des Moines continues to outperform other cities nationally, the results from this year’s survey have dropped slightly from prior years and emphasize the City of Des Moines should focus on a few primary areas for improvement: Enforcement of city ordinances, neighborhood and major streets, flood protection and stormwater infrastructure.

“It’s nice to see the results of this survey have a strong correlation to the items that Des Moines will focus on with the Local Option Sales and Services Tax that was approved by voters earlier this month,” said Mayor Frank Cownie. “It gives me great confidence that the City continues to align its priorities with our community. This additional revenue will directly support making repairs and replacing city streets, flood protection and stormwater improvements, and help with slum and blight enforcement.”

A random sample of 1,291 residents from all over the city were asked to respond to a series of questions. The survey focused on several areas of service including: Police, Fire, Parks and Recreation, Public Works, Community Development, Public Libraries, Communication with Residents, and overall Life in Des Moines. Similar surveys have been conducted since 2004. They have become an important tool in the public policy-making process and have helped influence funding decisions by the City Council.

These results were shared with Des Moines City Council on Monday, March 25 and the presentation is available for review on the City of Des Moines website.