Council Vote Moves Central Iowa Water Trails Forward

DES MOINES, IOWA — Monday, Sept. 13, 2021 —  The Des Moines City Council tonight unanimously approved two agreements that move the Central Iowa Water Trails (CIWT) project closer to reality. Mayor Frank Cownie said the approval of agreements regarding the operation and maintenance of the regional water trail access points as well as the implementation of a $25 million federal grant are significant steps in moving CIWT forward.

“This action represents the success and collaboration that results from working through multi-party agreements with both public and private participation,” Cownie said. “Much work remains but progress is being made and the City of Des Moines is pleased to be part of this unique and visionary endeavor.”

The 28E agreement with CIWT the Council approved outlines the details of improvements along the Des Moines River, Raccoon River and Fourmile Creek as part of a recreational and dam safety plan for 150 miles of water trails throughout central Iowa.

Council also authorized the execution of an agreement that will implement a $25 million Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development (BUILD) Grant that will define responsibilities for design, construction, operations, maintenance and the City’s $6 million financial contribution. The obligations are related to the water trail improvements at Prospect Park, Birdland Marina, Scott Avenue and Harriet Street.

“As City leaders, it’s important that we reach agreements that are fair and balanced while mindful of our commitment to residents and taxpayers,” Cownie said. “By assigning responsibilities and leveraging City staff expertise in dealing with other governmental agencies, we create assurances of success on this transformative project.”
Al Setka
Chief Communications Officer, City Manager’s Office 
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