Council to Hold Meeting on Redistricting

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DES MOINES, IOWA — Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2021 —  The Des Moines City Council on Tuesday, Nov. 30 will meet in Council Chambers to review and discuss proposed revisions to the City’s precincts, wards and maps showing boundary lines. As a result of the 2020 U.S. Census and redistricting that was approved by the Iowa Legislature, the City has 60 days from November 4 (or until January 3) to hold a hearing, pass an ordinance to finalize and complete changes to precincts and wards with the corresponding new map, and to submit all materials to the State.

 At the Nov. 30 meeting, Council members will consider proposed precinct and ward boundaries and a map from the Polk County Auditor as well as boundaries and a corresponding map developed by City staff. Polk County reduced the number of precincts in Des Moines from 88 to 80 and aligned them with Des Moines Public Schools. The City’s proposed map includes and makes no changes to those same reconfigured precincts but contains different ward boundaries more closely aligned with current City ward boundaries.

 Following public comments on Nov. 30, Council will propose the new precinct boundaries and will propose ward boundaries after considering the following:  ward boundaries shown on the City staff map, ward boundaries shown on the Polk County map, or other changes. 

 In drawing ward boundaries, the Council must follow standards set out in the Iowa Code.  Once Council proposes a map, it will be sent to the Polk County Auditor and Council will permit the Auditor 7-10 days to review as directed by Iowa Code. The Auditor may send recommendations for changes to precincting.

 At the time of the required hearing prior to ordinance adoption, if the City does not accept the County recommendations, the City would have to include reasons for not accepting the recommendations in its ordinance adopting the new precincts and wards. Once adopted, the ordinance and corresponding new map will be submitted to the Iowa Secretary of State as required by Iowa Code. 

The Nov. 30 meeting will begin at 5:15 p.m. in Council Chambers and will be broadcast on the City’s YouTube channel and on Mediacom DMTV-7. Des Moines residents will have the opportunity to address the issue, prior sign up is not required, however, preference will be given to those who preregister which may be done online

Draft of 2022 Proposed Wards - City Plan

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