Massive Stormwater Sewer Upgrade In Progress Under Franklin Avenue

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Des Moines, Iowa — Thursday, June 23, 2022 — A massive stormwater infrastructure upgrade is coming to Northwest Des Moines.

It’s easy to see that something is happening on Franklin Avenue near 45th Street, but it’s what’s going on below the surface that will serve this Des Moines neighborhood for decades to come.

"This is like the final puzzle piece that connects several of the projects we’ve already completed to reduce the impact of stormwater runoff in this part of Des Moines,” Clean Water Program Administrator Patrick Beane said. “This connects the basins near 47th and Holcomb to the stormwater detentions at 41st and College Ave, Maquoketa Drive all the way to Prospect Park where it runs into the Des Moines River."

Contractor crews are currently boring under Franklin Avenue between 43rd St. and 48th St., where they are placing storm sewers that will more than double the size of the existing storm sewer lines.

“These five foot diameter storm sewer pipes will greatly reduce the flooding that residents in this area have seen through the years,” City Engineer Steve Naber said. “Council has approved the completion of $27 million of infrastructure upgrades in this watershed that will have a massive impact during heavy rainstorms.”

This project will include restoration and repaving of Franklin Avenue at the segment conclusion later this year.

Peter Zemansky
Communications Specialist, City Manager’s Office
(515) 283-4038

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